Candy Apple Blue

The door is right in front on me but I won’t dare to leave!

Darling, I got by somehow!

Come hear the newly remixed and remaster Candy Apple Blue fan favorite, “Mistake’. It sounds better than ever!

Here at last… the 12” Extended Long Version of our italo-disco / Hi-NRG song, Start All Over Again!

Our newly mixed and remastered single ‘Start All Over Again (7” Italo-Disco Mix)’ is out now and ready for 1982 radio!

Just for fun here’s the no drums, no bass mix of ‘Bad News’. Let’s call this one the ‘Atmospheric Mix’ shall we. :)

We have BAD NEWS! No, seriously “Bad News” is the name of our new single! If you like it, be sure to share it!

Who here remembers this one? ‘All the Will in the World’ taken from our very first album Prone to Panic! #synthpop #80